Speech by President Nelson Mandela during the opening ceremony of the Young Christian Workers World

By Rony Robiansyah 30 Sep 2015, 02:03:09 WIBInternasional

Speech by President Nelson Mandela during the opening ceremony of the Young Christian Workers World

Africa, in particular worker organisations. Many of the worker leaders it trained continue to occupy positions of leadership in the trade union movement, in government, in business and in wider civil society.
The youth of South Africa face serious problems because of the years of deprivation, violence and interrupted education. Great courage and commitment will be needed to overcome the obstacles and for our young people to fully enjoy the benefits that our fledgling democracy holds for them.
Religious organisations, especially those which concentrate on the youth, can help bring reconciliation to our country and help us build the Rainbow Nation that most South Africans yearn for. Not so long ago our young people were looking at each other over the barrels of guns. But today they are reaching out to each other to build a common future. This demands emotional maturity and moral strength, and I firmly believe that the various religions can help develop these qualities.
All the major religions teach the importance of peace and reconciliation. But they also insist that with reconciliation must come an end to injustice.
I refer to this challenge of genuine reconciliation because it is a political and moral issue which will gain increasing prominence as our Truth and Reconciliation Commission addresses its difficult task. I also mention it here in Oukasie because of this community`s history of suffering. The YCW`s approach has always been to acknowledge and challenge injustice, and then to build the capacity of the oppressed to act in a constructive way that will bring an end to injustice and create a better world for all of us.
The youth of South Africa made a crucial contribution to the struggle for liberation, and I
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