Speech by President Nelson Mandela during the opening ceremony of the Young Christian Workers World

By Rony Robiansyah 30 Sep 2015, 02:03:09 WIBInternasional

Speech by President Nelson Mandela during the opening ceremony of the Young Christian Workers World

us that the most important tool of resistance is proper organisation. No matter how unequal the situation, if the people are committed and well organised then not even the most vicious oppressor can hold them back forever. The people of South African demonstrated that, and I want to thank YCW for your contribution to that wonderful victory.
However, the fight against oppression and injustice did not end with the establishment of our first democratic government. In many ways the struggle for justice is today even more intense and challenging. We still carry many of the rusty old chains of apartheid with us. Every now and then racism still lifts its ugly head. The consequences of years of neglect and exploitation are evident everywhere in the terrible poverty that most South Africans still experience.
Now that we have our political liberty we must also gain our socio-economic liberty and freedom from hunger, ignorance and disease. This is a struggle for reconstruction and delivery, and working together with communities to assist them to help themselves to build a better life.
In this huge enterprise the experience of YCW will be very important. YCW was founded with the specific aim that the Church should respond to the needs of workers, but not as charity where the workers are passive recipients of aid. Rather, the objective was the empowerment of young people from worker families to unlock their own capacity and to empower themselves through proper organisation.
YCW`s emphasis on active participation of its members in developing plans to change their lives has proved to have great potential for capacity-building among our youth. It is common knowledge that YCW has made a significant contribution to building the organs of civil society in South
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