Speech by President Nelson Mandela during the opening ceremony of the Young Christian Workers World

By Rony Robiansyah 30 Sep 2015, 02:03:09 WIBInternasional

Speech by President Nelson Mandela during the opening ceremony of the Young Christian Workers World

Dear Chairperson;
Delegates and friends,
It is indeed a great privilege for me to be present at the Official Opening Ceremony of the YCW World Council. It is a special pleasure to associate myself with the Young Christian Workers` long record of standing up against injustice throughout the world, including South Africa.
You are all most welcome in South Africa, and we are honoured that you have chosen our country as the venue for your meeting.
Your decision to hold your Council here in the small and poverty-stricken community of Oukasie speaks louder than mere words. Once more you are demonstrating in a practical way that a true commitment to justice demands more than good intentions and fine speeches. It calls for a full association with those who are struggling for justice.
Oukasie`s long struggle for survival against some of the most vicious onslaughts of the apartheid regime, is renowned. After every attack the residents of Oukasie reorganised themselves and sustained their resistance to forced removals.
As part of their struggle, the formed partnerships with Anti-Apartheid organisations throughout the world. Oukasie became a symbol of the power of community resistance assisted by international solidarity. Eventually the apartheid regime retreated and the people of Oukasie were victorious.
I recall this history because it is speaks of everything that Young Christian Workers stand for. One of the YCW`s most important characteristics is that it situates itself within the social realities of people, especially young workers, and places strong emphasis on effective organisation.
Our decades of struggle, outside and inside prison, taught
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